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For more than 50 years, we've engineered the most accurate detection, video and integration
solutions empowering people to drive smarter and safer.

The perfect dash cam for your ESCORT driver alert system. ESCORT’s industry-leading driver alert systems now have the perfect companion. Capture crystal clear video and easily share, edit and save your video clips.



The SC 201 smart dash cam is perfect for the driver who wants to record and monitor both the front-view and interior cabin-view of the vehicle. With infrared cabin night vision, you'll get interior and exterior security, day or night.


Cobra SC 201

The SC 200D smart dash cam is ideal for drivers who need the flexibility to record and monitor multiple camera views, including the front and rear. The SC 200D includes the SC 200 main camera and the rear-view accessory camera.


Cobra SC 200D

Join the exclusive ESCORT/Cobra driving community for real-time driver alerts. Receive full
access and early warnings on red light cameras, speed traps and live law locations. More than
100 million alerts shared annually. Download the ESCORT Live™ and/or Cobra iRadar® app

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