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Why Professional Installation?

Horror stories, we've heard them over and over... The "backyard install" that started a car fire so bad that the wiring of the entire car melted away, leaving the car unusable and worthless? Yeah, we know that guy. Maybe you do too. After all, you probably know someone who's had a friend, cousin, brother, boyfriend, or a friend's cousin's boyfriend to do something on their car. We can tell you those installs are rarely pretty or safe.

You buy online to save money. We know this. But when it comes to your car it doesn't make a lot of sense to risk thousands just to keep a few bucks in your wallet. Trust the professionals. Why?

Professional installers are trained to know the ins and outs of a car electrical system—this is why they are called professionals. They know what is safe (and not safe) when it comes to installing headunits, amplifiers, capacitors, monitors, subwoofers, alarms and more. And sorry but no, if you happen to be an electrician, you're still not qualified to install car stereo components

The professional installer also has the correct tools available so nothing is broken during the install. We're talking to you, Mr. Door Panels Flapping in the Wind and to you, Miss Scratched Dash. Butter knives are not intended to remove stock radios! Do you really want to have to explain to your friends why your cool new touchscreen GPS In-Dash receiver is surrounded by white scratches on that nice leather dashboard? Hmmm... Definite deduction in your cool factor score.

Our Professionals will always be there to help if you need some technical service with a feature of your new equipment. Unlike your friend's friend, who you'll never be able to get a hold of again! When you have a question about your equipment or, yikes, if something goes wrong with your equipment, you'll want a professional who will be able to find out what went wrong and how to fix it

We also guarantee our work with a LABOR WARRANTY. We provide a lifetime warranty on installation work. So if your radio shuts off or your subwoofers stop booming, we'll take a look at it for you FOR FREE. Still not good enough. Most manufacturers won't honor a 1-year warranty on their products unless you provide a receipt for installation work done by an authorized dealer. And if they happen to provide any warranty without that professional installation, you're looking at a whopping 90 days on your equipment.

So please, do us all a favor and save yourself from future headaches and expense. Be smart and always get your gear installed by the professionals.

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